Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beagle in China Meets Amitabha - by Brian Chung

I was emailed this week by a very nice practitioner of the dharma named Brian Chung who has a very nice story to tell about his Buddhist aunt and her beloved pet beagle who died a couple weeks ago that he wanted to share with me - his name was Micky - and he's published a story about his passing on Scribd where he has a lot of other dharma titles published that are also very good that you could also check out - they are there free for downloading - although to do it you have to pay Scribd a monthly membership fee which I'll forewarn you about.

Brian said that all of his dharma offerings are free and in the public domain - so because you have to pay Scribd that monthly membership fee I'm going to publish his beagle story here in it's entirety so that we can benefit from it's teachings because it's really quite remarkable.

Brian's Aunt believes that her beagle "attained Pure Land rebirth after five days of supportive chanting - with the chanting for the last day and night being continuous....Clearly, this was due to Amita Buddha's inconceivable merit and compassionate blessings".

What is remarkable about this is that according to this Brian's Aunt believes that through her chanting and the auspicious circumstances surrounding the death - Mickey "will be forever freed from the sufferings of the Samasara and he will become Enlightened Bodhisattvas of the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss".

I have never heard that this was possible for our household pets.

I have heard from Dharma teachers that our pets could be pretty much assured of a human rebirth in the next life because they had been around Dharma rituals and teachings their whole life - and doing dharma rituals at their death was very good for them - but to say that they had the possibility of being freed from the sufferings of Samsara and becoming Enlightened Bodhisattvas due to the fervent efforts of our Buddhist practices - that is completely awesome - and gives us who loves our companion animals as much as we love our human compatriots - such hope for them.

I have posted below the 6 page document that Brian sent me in JPEG format so you can read it in it's entirety - it is a very beautiful thing to read and I hope that it gives all of us pet owners great comfort when it comes to the time of death for our pets.

There are specific things to do at the time of death for our pets that we've never heard before - things to do AFTER the time of death that I'd never heard of before - I have always performed rituals BEFORE the death and at the time of death - but never AFTER the death - so the instructions are very helpful - and also I have done things 49 days after the death.

Some things I have done before the death is to perform a refuge ceremony for the animal - which I have provided instructions for previously in this blog - at the time of death I recite things like "OM GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SVAHA" - and then 49 days after the death there is a whole long ceremony I perform - which is also noted in this blog

But I am happy to add the things suggested by Brian to the death time as well.

So see below the JPEG's that are part of his teaching

If you'd like to see his other dharma teachings available on Scribd - I did join the website and paid for one month so I could download several of his other teachings - he is a very smart teacher - the website is at

Thank you once again Brian for your most auspicious dharma teachings and the people you will help when they are in the most pain

ps - if you can't read the pages - click on the picture and a larger version will open up for you - when you are read to read the next page - cleck back and then click on the next picture :)

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