Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finding a Dharma Friendly name for your next canine life companion

I'm getting a new puppy in a couple months - this is him at a couple days old, and I was thinking that I'd like to get him a good dharmic name because he is going to be perfect from birth - he's never going to encounter any of the fear, or anxiety or hurt that 80% of dogs who come into the world in North America face because only 20% of dogs born here live out their days in the first home they were born into 80% of dogs end up in the rescue system - mostly through no fault of their own - and this little puppy is never going to be part of that statistic - he's going to be completely loved, protected and coddled from the moment he was born until he is old, and his body has told him that it's time to go onto it's next adventure.

So I did a google search and a couple good websites showed up naming dogs with dharmic names that I thought I'd share here.

One is from a blog called "Enlightenment for the dear animals" and they have a blog called "Giving Dharma names to animals" and it's very good - it gives the dharma name and it's english meaning - so it's a good one to check out.

Then from the Breeders group "" they also have a page at that gives a dharma name and it's english meaning - another good page to check

Between those 2 pages I think you will find a meaningful name for your next canine life companion that will hopefully be with you for the next 15-25 years.

This was Buttercup in her 21st year

I just lost my heart dog of 21 years in October and it is taking me a long time to get over - she was the reason I lived and breathed - I am hoping that this little guy will dull the pain a little bit - the one who left me was a little poodle like this new one will be - I am hoping he will live as long as my little Buttercup did.  If so we will both have an amazing life together and this little sentient being will have lots of opportunities to hear the dharma and hopefully come back next as a fabulous highly evolved human being :)

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