Saturday, October 09, 2004

Beginnings and Stupas in Dog Parks

Well I figure I better shit or get off the pot with this thing. My idea is that our canine life companions - or at least my dogs - are part of every aspect of my life - and my spiritual life has also worked its way into every corner of my being.

I can't be the only person in the universe who's like that - so I wanted to make a space where information and ideas could be accumulated about how to help us and help our dogs.

It all started because I was looking for information on a "Buddhist funeral for animals" and I couldn't find anything anywhere - just snippets of things. It was tantalizing - there was one out there but I couldn't find the whole thing. It was like some terma that I wasn't ready for or something. I still haven't found it. But I've found a ton of other stuff. Which I'm going to post here.

I've also got a bunch of ideas - like dog parks that have stupas in the middle of them - the major dog park in my city is basically just a field that has a path that is a circle that people walk around - what if you put a stupa in the middle of it? So you could circumnabulate it? Acculumulate good karma while exercising your dogs at the same time?

Okay - I've got to go feed the dogs now...

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